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Airline Status
Ceased Operations
Date terminated
Main hub
Santa Cruz Viru Viru International Airport
Business model
Full Service Carrier

AeroSur was a Bolivian airline with its main base at Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. AeroSur is the national airline of Bolivia, operating to destinations in South America, the Caribbean, North America and Spain. Aerosur ceased operations on 31-Mar-2012.  

Location of Aerosur main hub (Santa Cruz Viru Viru International Airport)


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Boliviana de Aviacion set to expand as re-launch of Aerosur is unlikely due to government roadblocks

30-Jun-2012 12:02 AM

Bolivia’s Government has reportedly rejected a bailout plan for beleaguered Aerosur, which ceased operations in May-2012 after buckling under mounting tax burdens. The latest move adds fuel to arguments repeatedly made by Aerosur's private owners of the Bolivian Government showing a bias towards state-owned Boliviana de Aviacion (BoA) since BoA launched operations in 2009. BoA immediately drove down domestic fares in Bolivia and quickly captured a domestic market share equal to Aerosur.

BoA also launched international operations in 2010 and is now poised to accelerate expansion of its international network, which currently consists of only two destinations. Aerosur was Bolivia's largest international carrier and its demise creates opportunities for BoA, the country's small regional carriers and the 10 foreign carriers that currently serve the Bolivian market. New foreign carriers are also likely to launch services to Bolivia, with Spain's Air Europa particularly eager to join BoA in filling the void left by Aerosur on the key Madrid route.

Palmair, one time world best airline, and the oldest tour operator in Britain, turns 50

27-Aug-2010 10:11 AM

Bournemouth (UK) based Palmair announced that it intends to suspend all services at Bournemouth Airport for the months of Nov-2010, Dec-2010 and Jan-2011, citing poor advance bookings for winter, but hopes to produce a reduced winter timetable from Feb-2011 onwards. Despite this temporary setback Palmair, which claims to be Britain’s oldest tour operator, is one of the industry’s survivors, having been in business as the ‘in-house’ airline of a travel agent and tour operator, Bath Travel, since 1958 – 52 years.

Gol-TAM: Two Strategies gain overwhelming success

24-Aug-2010 7:28 PM

A discussion about Brazilian – or even South American aviation – is incomplete without Gol, with its low-fare strategy, and TAM, with a legacy strategy complete with regional airline feeder in Pantanal and membership in Star Alliance. TAM’s measured and targeted growth contrasts, however, with Gol’s dramatic rise. Ironically, Gol was built on the remains of Varig, whose demise paved the way for the successful entrance of TAM.

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